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HOME SLICKER Rainscreens

stay dry horizontal 

HOME SLICKER is a patented “moisture eliminating rainscreen” that provides a continuous, vertically channeled air circulation and water drainage plane between the cladding and the structural envelope.

Home Slicker Stay Dry 

Home Slicker Rainscreens

  • Provides 1/4" air space
  • Lightweight: only 7.2lbs per roll
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Promotes long-term service-life of paints & stains
  • Not affected by heat, cold, or UV
  • One roll covers 150 square feet
  • Provides a continuous drainage and drying plane
  • Helps prevent mould

Home Slicker Plus Typar

Home Slicker plus Typar

  • Combined benefits of a rainscreen and water resistive barrier
  • Protects against mould and rot
  • Provides a continuous space for drainage and drying
  • Allows moisture to escape quickly
  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Thermal break, and pressure equalization

Home Slicker Stone & Stucco

  • Benefits of rainscreen with a mortar blocking fabric
  • Designed for use with manufactured stone, natural stone, stucco, and masonry applications
  • Allows moisture to escape quickly
  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Protects against mould and rot

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