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BAKOR Lowslope

LOWSLOPE 1-Ply & 2-Ply Roofing

Features & Benefits:
  • Easily applied, immediately waterproof
  • Permanently flexible even at low temperatures
  • Non woven fibreglass reinforcement
  • Self-sticking lower surface; end laps bonded with rubberized mastic
  • Classified by ULC for Fire Resistance, Class C Roof Cover (CAN/ULC-S 107-M)


Additional Features:
  • Permanently flexible even at low temperatures.
  • Designed for application over oriented strand board and plywood surfaces.
  • Split back release film for ease of application.
  • Covers approximately 100 sq. ft.
  • Polybitume required (1 tube per 2 rolls)
  • 1 Ply requires Aquatac Primer
Lowslope 1ply


Additional Features:

  • Nailed for extra security.
  • Permanently flexible even at low temperatures.
  • No primers required.
  • Cold application; no possibility of fires.
  • Covers approximately 50 sq. ft.
  • Polybitume required (1 tube per 2 rolls)
lowslope 2ply

Polybitume Sealant 570-05 (Full Case Only)

  • High Solids, rubber asphalt caulking and sealing compound
  • Provides extra flexibility and strong bond
  • Used as an end lap and flashing sealant with self-adhered membranes  
  • Control joints in concrete.
  • Lap sealing metal panels.
  • Bedding for roofing components.
  • Dam and hydraulic installations.

lowslope accessories pricing
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