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LOMANCO Ventilation

Lomanco is Your Best Choice                                 lomanco logo

  • Producing quality ventilation products since 1946.
  • "The Lomanco Balance", offers free movement of air and weather protection .
  • Proper ventilation reduces energy bills, winter ice build up and eliminates mold/mildew which can lead to major health problems.
  • By ventilating, you are extending the life of other building components (shingles , insulation, etc).
  • Lomanco's experienced personnel are committed to providing quality products to ventilate homes everywhere.


The Original Whirlybird

The turbine ventilator guaranteed to never squeak.

Gable Vents

Gable Vents

Heavy duty vents with built in weather protection.



Cupola and Weathervanes

Elegant and beneficial answer to ventilation needs.


Ridge Vents


Superior ventilating ridge vents with baffles for maximum air flow.


Intake Vents

Under eave, circle and continuous soffit intake.


Roof Louvers

Roof Louver Vents

Louver and pan-style roof vents for maximum exhaust.     

Foundation Vent

Foundation Vents

Aluminum and plastic foundation vents.

Suggested Retail Pricing - Dealer Discounts Apply
Lomanco Literature:
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Workshop Seminar Booklet .pdf 19.96 MB Download
Omni Wall Information Sheet .pdf 670.94 KB Download
Omni Roll Information Sheet .pdf 2.42 MB Download
Omni Ridge Information Sheet .pdf 4.04 MB Download
Lomanco Full Brochure .pdf 10.82 MB Download
LO-Omni Ridge Information Sheet .pdf 4.43 MB Download
750 Slant Back Sell Sheet .pdf 6.11 MB Download