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    With Typar on the outside, homeowners feel more comfortable on the inside.

    TyparⓇ eliminates drafts in the wall, which helps reduce energy costs.

    Typar materials will not support the growth of mold, or disintegrate over time.

    Get superior protection and weather resistance using Typar Weather Protection System products from the start to the finish of your project.  

      Weather Protection System

      The combined strength of Typar products protect your home best as a system.


      Typar Tapes

      Finish the job right with Typar Flashing and Construction Tapes.

      Tuck Tape

      Tuck Tape

      Construction Seal Tape

      TYPAR Housewrap

      Typar Housewrap offers superior protection that home owners can count on.

      Surround Roof Underlayment

      Surround roof underlayment is a protective alternative to felt.



      Roofing Cap Hammers.

      Typar Metrowrap

      Industrial strength Typar Metrowrap for commercial applications.


      Surround Housewrap

      Protects your homes from being damaged. 
      Suggested Retail Pricing - Dealer Discounts Apply


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      TYPAR Weather Protection System Installation .pdf 5.15 MB Download
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      TYPAR Housewrap Three Part Specs .pdf 122.82 KB Download
      TYPAR Housewrap MSDS .pdf 515.27 KB Download
      TYPAR Housewrap Characteristics .pdf 201.06 KB Download
      TYPAR Brand Growth Study .pdf 420.72 KB Download
      MetroWrap comparison .pdf 315.04 KB Download
      HouseWrap comparison .pdf 329.37 KB Download