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Typar® Flashing RA

  • A rubberized asphalt (RA) flashing
  • Best-in-class performance
  • 10- year limited installed warranty

    Typar® Flashing Flex

    • A composite peel and stick flashing product
    • Ideal to flash around curved windows - also on window flanges, sill plates, corners and joints
    • Improves air and moisture holdout
    • 2-ply oriented high density polyethylene film - mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet

    Typar® Construction Tape

    • A strong, coated polypropylene film
    • Seals seams and edges to ensure the integrity of the building envelope
    • Use on window flanges, corners, joints and seams
    • Won't deteriorate over time

    Please Call for Current Pricing
    Suggested Retail Pricing - Dealer Discounts Apply
    Typar Tapes Literature:
    Title Type Author Date Size Tags
    BA Flashing MSDS .pdf 68.40 KB Download
    Flex Flashing MSDS .pdf 56.25 KB Download
    RA Flashing MSDS .pdf 59.94 KB Download
    TYPAR Flashing Flex Characteristics .pdf 144.88 KB Download
    TYPAR Flashing Flex ThreePart Specs .pdf 123.35 KB Download
    TYPAR Flashing RA Characteristics .pdf 145.20 KB Download
    TYPAR Flashing Sell Sheet .pdf 401.89 KB Download
    TYPAR Tape Characteristics .pdf 155.59 KB Download
    TYPAR Tape ThreePart Specs .pdf 125.06 KB Download
    TYPAR_Flashing_RA_ThreePart_Specs .pdf 123.88 KB Download